House Rules

I'm unable to take entire (un-neutered) males over 10mths for socialising, minding or boarding & likewise females in season must be kept at home - this is purely to ensure a harmonious session for everyone. Dogs under 12mths are welcome for minding, but are not included for afternoon walks as stress on developing joints can potentially lead to problems in later life.

If your dog shows any kind of illness in our care we will contact you & bring them home. If seriously ill, we will contact you before taking them to our vet & cover fees however, treatment must be repaid as soon as possible. It is your responsibility to inform us of any contagious condition & keep your dog at home until clear to come play again!

Half check collars & head collars (rather than harness) are used for safety.
All fees must be paid each Friday by cash or bank transfer ~ thank you!

Summer Days!

We all love a little summer sunshine however when the temperature rises above 22 degrees, afternoon walks are postponed in favour of lounging by the pool, chilling under the sprinklers & sipping iced refreshments! Dogs can easily overheat in hot weather (especially puppies & veteran dogs less able to control their body temperatures) so we take it easy, allowing the dogs to simply enjoy each other's company.


Our afternoon walks are a doggy delight! We collect your dog for a one hour structured pack walk along the many local footpaths. These are super social outings which build confidence & calmness with other dogs, before we deliver your happy pooch home to settle for a well earned rest.

Per Walk Per Dog - £10.00
(includes collection & return)


Ideal for those working part or full time. After collecting your dog we return here to Skye HQ to roam, romp & play with others in a large secure garden with walks included for older dogs. The 3hr morning puppy mind is perfect for their socialisation & reducing separation anxiety too!

Morning + Afternoon Walk (5hr) - £15.00
Full Day - £20.00

Parents & Pooches

Sit back with a coffee & make friends while your pooch is having fun with others in a large secure garden. Your pooch is your responsibility during these sessions so please interviene & clean up just as you would in a park. You don't have to stay two hours, but it is lovely fun!

Mondays (10-12) - £4.00