Client Reviews

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Joshua Johnson

The lady is absolutely amazing we have a our husky from a pup and dint have a clue of the temperament an attitude :D... But Claire showed us step by step how to handle her. Now two years down the line she is one of the best dogs I could have asked for. All me an lauren can saying Claire is thank you!

Michelle Wright

Claire and Becky are lovely and great with the dogs, looking forward to working with them more closely to get my year old beagle to where we want him re: training. Highly recommend.

Mike Aldridge

As a veterinary surgeon I wholeheartedly recommend Claire to anyone. She has a natural aptitude for dogs and most importantly dogs absolutely love her! The socialisation of dogs is extremely important, so her services are much needed and second to none. Long may she continue!

Katy Paterson Knowles

Was really impressed at the monthly dog training session on the 17th, Claire knows her stuff! Found all the advice really helpfull as this is our first family dog. Trying hard to remember everything and put it to practise, but with a headstrong lively beagle it's challenging! Only suggestion would be that its a lot to take in in one go, would maybe like two sessions instead of one long one, but maybe that's because I'm starting from scratch. Would definitely recommend Claire and Sarah

Samantha Jones

I'm not good at writing reviews but i have to say i was very very impressed with the training classe on Saturday, I couldn't for the life of me get my dog to lie down but within ten minutes of trying he lay down!! Doesn't sound alot to some but for me it made my day & all i can say is........fantastic!!


What a professional dog service. My Labrador has been coming to the socialisation class for a year now and she loves it. Claire and Sarah are so loving to the dogs and understand them so well. I would highly recommend all their services to anyone looking for dog minding services.

John Harrison

About six months ago we had a rescue dog Reggie a Yorkshire Terrier x Llasoapso 7 years old as far as we know. Obedient, good with people and children but not with other dogs. He had his first confrontation with Eddie a local dog and the owner gave us a card recommending Skye's The Limit saying Eddie had been the same. We took Reggie the following Monday and we have never looked back. Claire and Sarah provide a brilliant service and it is good to know that at least there is a solution to the problem. We would never have parted with Reggie as he had already been passed from one home to another, but to enjoy our walks with him like we now do makes a massive difference. All thanks to Skye's The limit, we simply cannot praise them enough.

Kate & Alfie

I had sought the opinion of many trainers in my quest to turn my whippet, Alfie, into, at the very least, a manageable dog - these trainers had charged a lot of money for their expertise but none of their ideas worked and, I had even considered rehoming my boy as I am disabled and was unable to hold Alfie when he became feisty and lunged at other dogs. Claire was recommended to me and after several email contacts with her I took him over to a dog socialization session (a 40 mile round trip from my home)... when he went through Claire's first gate Alfie reared up and snarled at all the other dogs looking at him over the second small gate - with a head collar and harness I still could not hold him .. he was a demented nightmare.... Twenty minutes later though - he was walking around, still scared, but not attacking.... this was a minor miracle! Alfie and I still attend socialization sessions when my working shifts allow and Alfie actively enjoys his visits - even taking the time to chill out in a patch of sunshine with dogs all around him. We are now attempting short walks too so things are really looking up! I recommend Skyes the Limit dog services daily at my place of work and would like to take this opportunity to say a big 'Thank you' to Claire and Sarah for all your help! See you soon!

John (Gregs Dad)

Greg and I have been going to the association sessions on a Monday morning for over a year now. During that time I have watched Claire at work with a large number of dogs and I can honestly say that I have been very impressed. She is obviously a person with a great love of dogs and seems to understand how they tick. She insists always that you gain the respect of your dog as pretty much everything else follows from that and I would strongly recommend her and her team to anyone who is having problems with their dog. Alternatively why not just go along to her Monday morning sessions just for the sheer joy of seeing a large number of dogs having a ball. Not to mention the free tea and coffee.

Ann M & Leo

I contacted Claire at Skyes The Limit about 6 weeks ago regarding the behaviour of my recent acquisition from Dogs Trust (LEO). I felt that he needed help socialising with both dogs and people. Claire suggested we attend their 'Parents & Pooches' session from 10-12 on Monday mornings. The team made us feel really welcome and Leo is definitely improving slowly but surely with each visit. Tomorrow afternoon Leo is going to stay and play at Sarah's in the hope that her dog Storm will teach him about playing with other dogs instead of hanging around me all the time. After all, he's a dog - not a human!! Keep up the good work Claire, Skye, Sarah and Storm and I would not hesitate to recommend your services :D